Our Story

hugh_cathy According to a recent story in USA Today, more motorists are keeping their current vehicles instead of purchasing new ones, because of the uncertain economic environment. However, recent Car Care Council survey results indicate that 80 percent of all vehicles inspected during 2008, needed repairs or maintenance.

The Current economic situation has people very hesitant to spend money for a new car, so they’re keeping their current vehicles for longer periods of time. Since four out of five vehicles need some type of repair or maintenance service, it’s important to remind motorists who keep their cars, to treat them as valuable investments and commit to regular vehicle maintenance. This will end up saving you a lot of money!

In fact, according to Runzheimer International, the difference in savings over a four year period, between keeping a car and buying a new one , is more than $10,000. Also, Liz Pullman (MSN Money) claims in her book “Deal With Your Debt” that keeping your car for ten years instead of five could save a typical person more than $250,000 over a lifetime.

Fewer Car Payments: Unless you take out a ridiculously long loan, you can be payment free after about four or five years. If you take good care of your car, any repairs you’ll need are likely to cost far less than you would spend in payments on another vehicle.

Lower insurance Costs: Premiums tend to drop as your car ages. You can save even more by dropping comprehensive and collision coverage when your total premium exceeds 10% of your cars fair market value.

Time to Save Money for a new Car: Every month you can put off replacing a vehicle is another month in which you can build up your down payment for the next car. Put off the replacement long enough and you could even pay cash!

Making your vehicle last as long as possible is clearly a smart move. That’s particularly true in today’s economy. It’s not a great time to be adding a big expense like a car payment.

Selecting an auto repair shop is a lot like choosing a doctor or a dentist. The first thing to look for is ability, the necessary knowledge, and the training and skills to meet your needs. Then, most of us look for personal qualities; friendliness, cooperation, courtesy, and respect. Next, it’s important to find someone whose advice you can trust; someone who will take the time to explain what you need and let you make your own decisions. Finally, and perhaps the most important, you look for integrity. You want to do business only with people who are totally honest and reliable.

Altogether, these things add up to professionalism, and they are the foundation upon which we have built our business. The facts on our website will tell you more about who we are and how we operate our business. But facts alone do not tell the entire story. I hope that when you’ve tried our services, you’ll agree that we’re truly a different kind of auto repair shop… one where you’ll be comfortable doing business for years to come.

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